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We can photograph your event, property or portrait using a high resolution digital camera.  Digital photos can be provided on CD or downloaded here.

Key Benefits

  •  Quality photography.
  •  Rapid availability of digital photo files or prints for purchase on-line.
  •  Very reasonable prices (photo shoot billed at consulting rate, digital photo file CD included and prints purchased as indicated here.)


We provide the following types of photography:
  •  Events 
    •  Photography of weddings, birthdays and other
       social or business events.
  •  Property
    •  Photography of home, office or other belongings.
  •  Portraits
    •  Photography of yourself, family, friends or business

Reference Accounts

Clients that Handy-TechTM has provided photographic services to:
  •  Albert Choate for Galveston County Commissioner

  •  American Legion Post #554 Officer Installation

  •  Brett Griffin for County Court 2 Judge
  •  Brown Birthday Party
  •  Cheryl E. Johnson, Galveston County Tax Assessor / Collector Tax Freedom Day Party
  •  Enrique de Leon for League City Council

  •  Republican Party of Galveston County  

  •  Granados Wedding
  •  Hamilton Wedding
  •  Jack's Road House

  •  Jack Roady for Galveston County Court 3 Judge

  •  John Ford for District Clerk

  •  Dr. Shelley Sekula-Gibbs for U. S. Congress
  •  Reiff Wedding
  •  Richard McCauley for Galveston City Council
  •  Dr. Robin Armstrong, RPT Vice Chairman
  •  Taylor Schwab for Justice of Peace



Information Request

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  •  Your FAX #
  •  Your E-mail Address
  •  How We Can Help You:
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Please Send Your Message to:
Sales: sales@handy-tech.net

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