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Gutenberg's Press

Desktop Publishing best practices and recommendations for Virtual Assistants and their clients.







  •  Printshop Chat

Discuss Desktop Publishing issues and ask questions that may be answered by more experienced members of the Virtual Assistant community.


  •  Printshop Documents

Useful Desktop Publishing Documents for Virtual Assistants and their clients.


  •  Printshop Resources

Useful Desktop Publishing Resources websites for Virtual Assistants and their clients.

Best practices Desktop Publishing Resources Recommendations based on Virtual Assistant OutfittersTM staff personal experience.

  •  Printshop Tips

Best practices tips submitted by experienced Virtual Assistants about Desktop Publishing.


Subscribe Now to gain access to the Virtual Assistant OutfittersTM Desktop Publishing best practices and recommendations.  Whether you are looking to become a Virtual Assistant, an experienced Virtual Assistant seeking clients or a small business owner seeking a quality Virtual Assistant, you will find



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